You Already Want Fair Trade (but don’t know it)

Almost 100% of the people I have spoken with about Fair Trade believe it is a good thing and they want to support it. The main reasons people don’t support Fair Trade are:

  1. They are unaware of what it is
  2. They believe Fair Trade products are more expensive and they can’t afford them
  3. They are too busy to be bothered with a movement that doesn’t directly affect them
  4. They don’t have confidence in the certification of products

If you have arrived at this site, it is likely because you’ve heard about Fair Trade but you aren’t sure what it is or whether you should care about it. We hope that by providing you with the most relevant information about Fair Trade, you’ll be able to quickly learn about it and see if it is something you’d like to support.

You can start learning at our Learn page.

Thank you for your interest. If you have the opportunity, please share this information with a friend.

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