Fairtrade’s Concerns about the EU’s Proposal to Combat Deforestation

Many cocoa and coffee farmers rely only on selling their goods in the European Union Market to make a living. Recently, the European Commission proposed a new regulation on deforestation-free products. Fairtrade International’s response to the new European Union draft legislation on combating deforestation argues that it would have a devastating impact on smallholder cocoa and coffee farmers.

Fairtrade International Is Building a More Equitable Future Through Digital Technologies

Fairtrade believes that digitalization and fairness are the way of the future. Here’s all you need to know about Fairtrade’s efforts to digitize fairness and ensure ethical fair trade standards are met. Fairtrade International aims to do so through their FairMarket strategy that focuses on the three “Ts”: traceability, transparency, and trading.

What Fairtrade and B Corp Companies Are Doing to Improve Supply Chains

Fairtrade and B Corp certified companies are leading the way in pushing towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Recently, B Lab interviewed two companies who provide great examples of B Corp and Fairtrade certified companies who are creating a more… Read moreWhat Fairtrade and B Corp Companies Are Doing to Improve Supply Chains